Pausing at the Winter Solstice...

This year the Winter Solstice occurs on the 21st December in the UK and marks the 24-hour period with the fewest daylight hours of the year. Since the Earth is tilted on its axis, the arc the Sun moves through during the day will rise and fall across the year as the Earth’s pole points either towards or away from the Sun.

The winter solstice occurs at the minimum point for the northern hemisphere, when the Sun is lowest in the sky, this year in the UK around 10.02am those most celebrate the whole solstice day, which has been recognized by festivals in many cultures all over the world and throughout history.

For me I always feel its a positive moment to pause and reflect back on the year, see what I have learnt, looking to take those lessons and gratitude for them forward. As nature pauses, stills, rests and protects herself during Winter so can we and restart our 'growth' little by little as each day will now lighten and lengthen. I find it a much more meaningful and healthy way of 'resetting' than New Years Resolutions for example which we all inevitably make and break in January!

I will mark the day with a practice shared with my online participants this year, maybe this year more than ever we can draw strength from the natural world and her teachings. It will be a traditional Hatha class, with Chandra Namaskar (Moon Salutation) to draw on the soothing energy of the moon with asanas (postures) for balance, strength and reflection. If you'd like to share this practice with me you can by going to the class page above and following the link to book...

Pause to honour the light & dark within yourself as you acknowledge the sun and moon: different yet essential components to the whole. Send gratitude to the natural world and to yourself, the Wonder that you are, here experiencing life...

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