A quiet step into 2022...

I have wanted to add entries to this blog for such a long time and never seemed to around to it – Why? I think because I have made the classic mistake of waiting for the perfect day to have the perfect first entry .And guess what? That day has never arrived or more likely if I’ve been having a ‘perfect’ day writing it down and publishing it for my website hasn’t even crossed my mind.

So finally, quoting to myself the mantra ‘start where you are & with what you’ve got’ I begin…

If I’m truthful since returning this month I’ve been quite down and in a very black mood that has been really hard to shift. Felt as though I’d hit every brick wall, every dead end and just let myself plummet down into that and yes, quite likely I’ve had a wallow and a hibernate.

But because life isn’t infinite & our time isn’t endless I have needed to move on from this now and get back to creating more of how I want to be and become less reactive to all that is happening around me, in my own and the wider world.

New Years Day...feeling joy of being where I love. Dogs looking on.

I’ve made this the theme for my classes to begin the year ‘Create more, react less’

Focus on creating a physical state of being, that ignites an energy that helps us create a mental state of ‘better being’ – beginning from the inside out. Returning to that place of inner peace, knowledge & awareness before stepping out into the road of life – not stepping out blindly and reacting to the first obstacle or setback we hit.

I’m going to try and look at the last couple of weeks from the view that I did some soul-searching or evaluating to begin my year; I’m working out who I am, where I am & what I want right now. I’m going to try and stick to the plan using what I have, where I am at the moment, do the stuff & take forward steps in my own life, in my practices, work & classes.

I’ve had a look at the view as it is now but you can only pause and look at the view for so long; we always have to get back on the path. I’m getting on my 2022 one, starting from inside, looking forward, letting go of what’s been and going to enjoy the journey…Namaste

This has resonated with me...

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